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From Evans Ye <>
Subject Re: deployment of bigtop stable release
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2015 19:29:13 GMT
Hey Martin, sorry to reply you late.
I think you can also refer to my reply in "newbie question of BigTop"
thread for the deployment.
I'm sorry that the document currently we have are a little bit out of date.
So thanks for wrapping up your notes! It would be great if we can put that
on our wiki.

Getting back to your questions, I think you better use puppet recipes in
the master to deploy bigtop clusters at this moment. The reason behind this
is that our puppet recipes changed a lot from 0.8 to 1.0. If you don't want
to learn it twice, than you better use the newest version directly. :)
The new puppet recipes can be used to deploy bigtop 0.8 packages as well.
AFAIK the incomparable component should be sqoop only.
For bigtop users, I think it's always better to use a fix release of
bigtop, since the master can have broken feature during development,
although we tend not to.
Hopefully I've answered your questions. if not, welcome to ask more. :)

2015-06-06 0:36 GMT+08:00 Martin Bukatovic <>:

> Dear Bigtop user list,
> I have a question about preferred way of using bigtop releases.
> When I do not intend to build all hadoop packages provided by bigtop
> myself, I
> download packages or use repository for particular bigtop release (eg.
> the last
> one 0.8.0 or upcoming 1.0).
> But to actually deploy hadoop on any cluster, I also need puppet
> manifests and
> other files which are part of the release but not included in the packages
> (which is completelly fine). To get those files, I would expect that I'm
> supposed to use version which from the release as well, which means to
> download source tarball or clone repository and checkout into proper
> release
> tag.
> On the other hand, this doesn't match what's written in the bigtop cwiki:
>  *
>  *
> It states that I should use puppet 3 when installing release 0.8.0 (but
> that
> is not necessary since this is true since BIGTOP-1047 which not part of
> that
> release) or to clone bigtop git without checking release branch.
> Jay told me that it's better to just build myself from git which I agree
> with.
> I was always using the current master and plan to do in the future, but I'm
> puzzled what makes more sense when I decide to use the release
> (to better understand how components fits together without being
> hurt by moving parts).
> Btw a bit unrelated, I have published my raw notes here:
> and I would be able to polish it to replace current cwiki page mentioned
> above
> which is bit short right now.
> --
> Martin Bukatovic

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