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From jay vyas <>
Subject Rebooting the conversation on the Future of bigtop: Abstracting the backplane ? Containers?
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2015 16:22:14 GMT
Hi folks.   Every few months, i try to reboot the conversation about the
next generation of bigtop.

There are 3 things which i think we should consider : A backplane (rather
than deploy to machines, the meaning of the term "ecosystem" in a
post-spark in-memory apacolypse, and containerization.

1) BACKPLANE: The new trend is to have a backplane that provides networking
abstractions for you (mesos, kubernetes, yarn, and so on).   Is it time for
us to pick a resource manager?

2) ECOSYSTEM?: Nowadays folks don't necessarily need the whole hadoop
ecosystem, and there is a huge shift to in-memory, monolithic stacks
happening (i.e. gridgain or spark can do what 90% of the hadoop ecosystem
already does, supporting streams, batch,sql all in one).

3) CONTAINERS:  we are doing a great job w/ docker in our build infra.  Is
it time to start experimenting with running docker tarballs ?

Combining 1+2+3 - i could see a useful bigdata upstream distro which (1)
just installed an HCFS implementation (gluster,HDFS,...) along side, say,
(2) mesos as a backplane for the tooling for [[ hbase + spark + ignite ]]
--- and then (3) do the integration testing of available mesos-framework
plugins for ignite and spark underneath.  If other folks are interested,
maybe we could create the "1x" or "in-memory" branch to start hacking on it
sometime ?    Maybe even bring the flink guys in as well, as they are
interested in bigtop packaging.

jay vyas

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