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From Martin Bukatovic <>
Subject deployment of bigtop stable release
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 16:36:34 GMT
Dear Bigtop user list,

I have a question about preferred way of using bigtop releases.

When I do not intend to build all hadoop packages provided by bigtop
myself, I
download packages or use repository for particular bigtop release (eg.
the last
one 0.8.0 or upcoming 1.0).

But to actually deploy hadoop on any cluster, I also need puppet
manifests and
other files which are part of the release but not included in the packages
(which is completelly fine). To get those files, I would expect that I'm
supposed to use version which from the release as well, which means to
download source tarball or clone repository and checkout into proper release

On the other hand, this doesn't match what's written in the bigtop cwiki:


It states that I should use puppet 3 when installing release 0.8.0 (but that
is not necessary since this is true since BIGTOP-1047 which not part of that
release) or to clone bigtop git without checking release branch.

Jay told me that it's better to just build myself from git which I agree
I was always using the current master and plan to do in the future, but I'm
puzzled what makes more sense when I decide to use the release
(to better understand how components fits together without being
hurt by moving parts).

Btw a bit unrelated, I have published my raw notes here:

and I would be able to polish it to replace current cwiki page mentioned
which is bit short right now.

Martin Bukatovic

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