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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject Annual feeback for project's Chair
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2015 07:03:18 GMT

It's already been a year since I took over the role of the Bigtop PMC Chair. I
think it won't be an exaggeration to say It was an exciting and very eventful
year. I want to use this occasion and set up of what I hope might become a
tradition: a mix of annual report to the community and a feedback gathering
for the Chair and the PMC.

Here're the highlights of what was great and fun! 

- The number of the contributors to the project have increased significantly;
  there's 70+ contributors in the project
- The committer-ship base grew by more than 25% in the last year
- We have rolled a very important 0.8 release with a bunch of updates and
  fixes (190+ total)
- The next release is going to be pretty pivotal (no pun intended) as we have
  modernized both the development and user experience, and keep on working to
  improve how our users can enhance the stack, deploy and test it, and
  develop applications for it. So far 200+ commits made it into this version
- we are evidently leaning towards a better and faster ways of data
  processing, adding and supporting latest versions of Spark, Tachyon, Ignite
  (incubating), Kafka, and other interesting new technologies
- a few meetups and hackathons were organized
- there are a lot of signs that a significant number of commercial companies
  in the Big- and Fastdata space have high interest in the Apache Bigtop, as
  the ability to quickly and robustly deploy a standard fully open ASF
  data-processing stack becomes a critical requirement for many enterprises
- clearly, it becomes more fun to work with the stack as we adding support for
  Puppet 3.x and Hiera; latest Groovy runtime, and Gradle build system
- Bigtop presentations were accepted to both ApacheCon events in 2014;
- we had a super-successful 4 days appearance at SCALE13x including a full day
  workshop. It was incredibly gratifying to see that people who never had any
  experience with Hadoop, Docker, or Puppet can get from 'git clone' to a
  working custom-built cluster in about 2 hours!
- independent analysts estimate the user base of Apache data stack at over 51%
  of total users of any Hadoop derivatives. It might be bold to say, but I
  believe there are very few people out there who will try to build a cluster
  from scratch using just tarballs and shell scripts. I believe these 51%
  means us - Apache Bigtop.
All of above was possible because of you and your generous contributions of
the time, code, documentation, talent, knowledge and pizzas!
Thank you all very much!

And to the feedback part. For the benefit of this and all following PMC Chairs
I'd like to ask all to donate a few more minutes of your time and share your
thoughts on what could've been done differently, what and how the project Chair
can do better, what new things you would like to see happening in the project?

With best regards,
  Dr. Konstantin (Cos) Boudnik
  Apache Bigtop PMC Chair

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