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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: BIGTOP-1x branch.. Do we need multitenancy systems?
Date Wed, 11 Feb 2015 06:05:07 GMT
On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 6:00 PM, RJ Nowling <> wrote:
> Can we articulate the value of packages over tarballs?  In my view, packages
> are useful for managing dependencies and in-place updates.

In my view packages are the only way to get into the traditional IT deployment
infrastructures. These are the same infrastructures that don't want to touch
Ambari at all, since they are all standardized on Puppet/Chef and traditional
Linux packaging.

There's quite a few of them out there still, despite all the push of
Silicon Valley
to get everybody to things like Docker, etc.

> Related question: what are BigTop's goals? Just integration testing?
> Full blown distro targeted at end users? Packaging for others to build distros on top

All of the above? ;-) Seriously, I think we need to provide a way for consumers
of bigdata technology to be able to deploy it in the most efficient
way. This means
that we are likely to need to embrace different ways of packaging our stuff.


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