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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject Gearing up for 0.9
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2015 18:56:19 GMT

It'd be great if we can have the next release ready by ApacheCon in April.
Think about all the PR and publicity we can get without any effort on our own.
And perhaps from the tactical standpoint we shall call this release 1.0?

I believe the only major hurdle between us and the release is CI. Roman, I
understand you're busy elsewhere, but could you please let us know what else
needs to be done before we can start doing the regular builds and how the
community can help. That's the highest priority, IMO.

There a couple of the tickets left unfixed/unassigned on BIGTOP-1480, and if
they aren't resolved on time we can move them farther. There's lesser than a
half-dozen blockers and none of them look too big, honestly. And we have a
whole lot of active committers and contributors to wrap-up the release in a
couple of weeks.

Do we want to try upgrade to HBase 1.x for this release or it might be too big
of a distortion? Andrew, what do you think and do you have cycles to do that?

What else we need to get done for this release? Suggestions?

Is there anyone who wants to step up as the RM this time around? RM doesn't
mean that you have to do all the job, but rather be an efficient with a stick ;)


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