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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject Re: Packaging apache* projects?
Date Sat, 28 Feb 2015 01:48:05 GMT
[adding user@....]

Sorry for getting on so late...

My take on this is pretty simple: if we can just get any potential
dependencies we need with  'puppet apply...' - let's do just that. The reason
we are packing groovy - BTW would appreciate the review for BIGTOP-1423     
- is that it wasn't available otherwise.

The moment we start maintaining derby, we:
 a) we'll have to maintain for a long time
 b) someone will ask to add postgres, mysql, etc.
I love postgres, but you see my point... I'd say let's rely as much on the
distro vendors: distos are commodity. All of them. Including Bigtop. That's
why, I think, we started getting away from being a Hadoop distro project, to
Bigdata/In-memory OSS stack.


On Mon, Feb 16, 2015 at 05:51PM, jay vyas wrote:
> Hi folks.     Thanks to @RJ for the seed for this in one of our rambling
> conversations,  also.....  My question:
> *** Is it capable/interesting/relevant to bigtop to packaging a broader
> spectrum of the apache ecosystem   ***  Here some (half baked) rationale
> for this idea
> 0 - we recently broadened from the scope of "just hadoop".
> 1 -  " big data " per se is starting to blend with other layers of the
> stack, like messaging, databases.  its kind of tricky to draw a line, IMO,
> and will be more tricky going forward.
> 2 - other projects (i.e. derby, groovy, ...)  are highly synergistic w/
> bigtop might find a great home here, which is OS neutral and has lots of
> great tooling .
> 3 -  gives use scope to do bigger and more interesting things inside
> bigtop, like deploying an entire full stack data driven environment.
> not even sure how feasible this is (maybe could partially be done with
> partnerships with collaboration amongst other packaging communities). but
> just thought id put the idea out there .
> -- 
> jay vyas

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