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From Artem Ervits <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Working on the (0.9.0 or 1.0?)
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2014 03:16:52 GMT
Pig project is thriving, thereĀ¹s work on Pig on Tez, Spark and Storm. I am
curious what would contribute to this sentiment?

On 10/11/14, 9:58 PM, "Konstantin Boudnik" <> wrote:

>Looks like it is going slow. so I will continue. To start with...
>I am proposing the following set of supported platforms (similar to last
>  CentOS6, CentOS7, Fedora 20
>  SLES12, OpenSUSE 13.1
>  Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
>  OpenJDK 7
>  Zookeeper 3.4.6 (or later?)
>  Hadoop 2.6.x
>  HBase 0.98.x (latest; I am not sure if 1.0 will be ready in the 2
>  Hive 0.14
>  Sqoop 1.99.4
>  Oozie 4.0.1
>  Giraph 1.1.0
>  Groovy 2.3
>  Hue 3.6.0
>  DataFU 1.0.0
>  Solr 4.6.0
>  Crunch 0.10.0
>  Spark 1.1.0
>  Phoenix 4.1.0
>  Tomcat 6.0.36
>  jsvc 1.0.15
>  What other new stuff do we feel like adding?
>To retire:
>  Pig (is there enough interest in the community to keep it on?)
>  Whirr 0.8.2 (seems to be headed to the Attic)
>  Mahout 0.9 (unless we have a version working w/ Hadoop 2)
>  Flume (the project seems to be winding down?)
>  Cos
>On Sat, Oct 04, 2014 at 04:10PM, Konstantin Boudnik wrote:
>> Now as 0.8.0 is practically done I want to kick of the discussion about
>> release's scope and aim. We already have discussed a number of things
>>that we
>> want to address in this round, including
>>     - CI improvements
>>     - build system enhancements
>>     - overhaul of the testing experience
>>     - TBD
>> A very important topic to cover here is, of course, the scope of the
>> release. Bigtop has a very powerful ability to help new technologies to
>> by wider promoting them across the Apache communities and beyond.
>> without deliberate help from the perspective projects we can not keep on
>> supporting them in the Apache Hadoop Stack: after all we are a bunch of
>> volunteers spending our own time on things we like to do. Hence, we
>>need to
>> carefully prioritize what we realistically can or can not support.
>> The other side of this coin is to make this project fun where people
>>want to
>> contribute something they feel passionate about. Let's say, I am the
>>only one
>> contributing fixes and supporting component X. However, for whatever
>>reason I
>> couldn't possibly care less about having component X on board. The
>>question is
>> - shall I use my limited time on the face of this planet for something
>> makes me tick, instead of wasting it on the dull chores around
>>component X?
>> Let's weigh carefully on what we want to carry on and what we'll be
>> this time.
>> Supported OS spectrum: let's drop the dead weight and carefully
>>consider what
>> to add.
>> Release cycle: with new docker based CI we should be better equipped for
>> regular builds testing and build environment which will be _exactly_
>>the same
>> for developers and official Jenkins. Hence, can we have next release in
>> by the end of 2014? We already know that 0.8.0 has a few issues that we
>> to improve upon quickly.
>> User facing documentation, wiki, website: let's see where we can get
>>some help
>> with this. Shall we try recruiting fresh-grads and students who wants
>>to start
>> in on of the projects we support, but they don't know how? How we can
>> the reach?
>> I know this looks like an awful lot of questions and no answers, but
>> what a discussion should be about, right? ;)
>> Here's JIRA for the BOM
>> Please chime in!
>>   Cos
>> -- 
>> Take care,
>> 	Cos
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