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From jay vyas <>
Subject UPDATE on Bigtop VM / Docker recipes.
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2014 04:10:19 GMT
Hi bigtop !

Just wanted to update you guys on the progress that has happened in the
bigtop/vm area.  Now there are some super easy to use tools for dev and
test of the bigtop stack!

We now support :

1) vagrant VMs (virtualbox) clusters which auto run the smoke tests .  just
running vagrant up from bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet/ will spin up an n
node cluster and run the smoke tests for you .

2) Also, with evans work, we now support docker based spin up and
provsioning of an n node bigtop cluster.

** usecases **

- (2) can be used for the bigtop CI now as an independent task to confirm
that smoke-tests run properly  against the release built from head, in any
cloud instance.

- Demos: Now anyone can demo bigtops hadoop and yarn with multiple methods
: even without a vm by just using docker.

- Other ideas how we can leverage this stuff or make it more usable to
support other efforts,  just let us know ! the vagrant/docker installations
of bigtop are now pretty stable and we can use them to support most of the
internal bigtop efforts.

** details **

For each virtualization recipe, there should be a README file (i.e.
bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet/ .  So for now just cd into
bigtop-deploy/vm/ and start poking around.  Once they are totally stable
ill make a wiki page or website update for them.

jay vyas

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