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From Konstantin Boudnik <>
Subject Re: a few notes on the recent release 0.8.0
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2014 06:39:33 GMT

[I was answering a recent question (see at the end) sent directly to me.
Thought it might be useful for everyone]

The parts list is easy to get - just grab and an appropriate repo file from the
URL below and install per your distro rules. Then run yum/apt-get update. The
release notes aren't ready yet - I am pretty busy at work, so it might take a
couple of days.

We have found out that there some issues with publishing of my signing keys,
so you might see GPG-key check warnings. You might either wait a day or so -
we are going to resign the repos with a different key; or just disable GPG
check in your package manager.

Fedora20 was in the plans, but we had a nasty emergency with our CI
infrastructure and were left without a number of the build systems. Fedora20
was one of them. We are about to publish the info on how to build the full
stack using our new CI docker containers, so you'll be able to do it yourself
in literally one easy command. Stay tuned!


On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 01:17PM, Ed - 0x1b wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 5, 2014 at 8:23 PM, Konstantin Boudnik <> wrote:
> > On behalf of the Apache Bigtop team, I'd love to announce the general
> > availability of the Bigtop 0.8.0 release (the website is being updated right
> > now).
> >
> > A few notable new features in this release include:
> >     * Based on latest stable Hadoop 2.4.1
> >     * HBase 0.98.5
> >     * latest version of Phoenix, the Apache HBase SQL layer project
> >     * Groovy runtime is added to the stack to improve user experience
> >     * and many upgrades to the latest versions for the
> >       ecosystem projects (Solr, Giraph, etc.)
> >
> > It is a major milestone in the Bigtop life-cycle with almost 200 bugs fixed
> > and new features added.
> >
> > Deploying Bigtop is easy: grab the repo/list file for your favorite Linux
> > distribution:
> >
> > and you'll be running your very own bigdata cluster in no time!
> >
> > Thanks,
> >   Cos (Bigtop 0.8.0 Release Manager)
> Is there a parts list with versions on the site somewhere? I looked at
> the site & couldn't find anything & also can't just browse the repo
> itself.
> Any chance for a Fedora20 deployment? - would COPR be useful?
>  just found it myself, looks
> interesting.
> And Thank You - Great stuff, cann't wait to go play

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