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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: Debian
Date Sun, 21 Sep 2014 02:21:10 GMT

Seems like I can only reply on weekends these days
(all the weekdays are eaten by @WORK :-()

On Mon, Sep 15, 2014 at 12:07 AM, Olaf Flebbe
<> wrote:
> I would appreciate it very much to have Debian/Amd64 be a first-class citizen of bigtop.
> And yes, I am would step in as a maintainer for it.

Perfect. Lets make sure that starting from Bigtop 0.9.0
Debian is always supported. Here's what needs to
   0. You need to tell us what version(s) of Debian
   Bigtop should be targeting.
   1. We need to make sure that our Puppet code
    for toolchain creation and deployment runs
    on Debian.
    2. We need to start baking official Bigtop build
    Docker images and start doing the builds.

If this seems reasonable -- feel free to file JIRAs,
let me know your jira ID and I will assign them
to you for the 0.9.0 time frame.

On #2 we would need to also have an official
Debian docker image somehow. Looking at
it seems that Debian is maintained there, so perhaps
all we need to do is just take care of #1.

>From that point, of course, we'd also have to
start building Debian bits on our Jenkins and
fix things as they fail.

>> The work would start with helping us bootstrap Debian
>> on our CI, but then just being able to provide feedback
>> would be huge.
> I bootstraped debian/stable and debian/testing (with one exception) right now.
> My personal tree/commits is at right now.
> I still have to package commits into JIRA ...

Yup. If you could start filing those JIRAs that would
be very much appreciated.

>> Is there any reason we shouldn't be enforcing it 100%?
> No AFAIK we could enforce C.UTF-8. But we should report this issue upstream, too.

Good call! I filed:

>> Contributing Debian there would be the first step.
> Docker is not in best shape in debian stable.

Are you saying that Debian *inside* of a Docker container
is not quite ready? We don't need to run those containers
under Debian, but we need Debian to function within
the container.


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