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From jay vyas <>
Subject Re: New to Bigtop, where to start?
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2014 15:20:47 GMT
one more note : by "look at the csv file" above i meant, "edit it so that
it reflects your

Make sure and read  the puppet README file as well under

On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM, jay vyas <>

> Hi david .
> Glad to hear the vagrant stuff worked for you.  Now , the next step will
> be to port it to bare metal, like you say.
> The Vagrantfile does two things
> 1) It creates a shared folder for all machines.
> 2) It spins up centos boxes .
> So in the "real world" you will need to obviously set up ssh between
> machines to start.
> After that , roughly, will need to do the following:
> - clone bigtop onto each of your  machines
> - install puppet 2.x on each of the machines
> - look at the csv file created in the vagrant provisioner, and read the
> puppet README file (in bigtop-deploy)
> - run puppet apply on the head node
> Once that works
> - run puppet apply on each slave.
> now on any node that you use as client, (i just use the master usually)
> you can yum install your favorite ecosystem components:
> yum install -y pig mahout
> And you have a working hadoop cluster.
> one idea as I know your on the east coast, if your company is interested
> in hosting/sponsoring a bigtop meetup, we could possibly bring some folks
> from the boston / nyc area together to walk through building a bigtop
> cluster on bare metal.  Let us know if any other questions.   These
> directions are admittedly a little bit rough.
> Also, once you get this working, you can help us to update the wiki pages.
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2014 at 10:39 AM, David Fryer <>
> wrote:
>> Hi Bigtop!
>> I'm looking to use bigtop to help set up a small hadoop cluster. I'm
>> currently messing about with the hadoop tarball and all of the associated
>> xml files, and I don't really have the time or expertise to get it up and
>> working.
>> Jay suggested that bigtop may be a good solution, so I've decided to give
>> it a shot. Unfortunately, documentation is fairly sparse and I'm not quite
>> sure where to start. I've cloned the github repo and used the
>> script found in bigtop/bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet to set up a virtual
>> cluster, but I am unsure how to apply this to physical machines. I'm also
>> not quite sure how to get hadoop and hdfs up and working.
>> Any help would be appreciated!
>> Thanks,
>> David Fryer
> --
> jay vyas

jay vyas

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