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From jun aoki <>
Subject hdfs command not found upon namenode initialization
Date Fri, 21 Feb 2014 02:40:49 GMT
Hi bigtop users,

I'm new to bigtop and it is a stupid question.
I'm trying to install a minimal hadoop cluster (hdfs, yarn and hadoop
client) on my centos.
I'm following this doc
with a little tweak (e.g. bigtop-0.6.0 does not exist so I use 0.7.0
I thought a few commands below would do a magic for me but a simple error
"hdfs command not found" occurred.[1]
I cannot find a Bigtop package that contains something like /usr/bin/hdfs
What is the bigtop way to install hdfs and get my namenode initialization

[1] my steps to reproduce the issue.
sudo wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/bigtop.repo http://
sudo yum install hadoop\*
bash-4.1$ sudo service hadoop-hdfs-namenode init
*bash: hdfs: command not found*

[2] can not find a "hdfs" binary
bash-4.1$ repoquery -l hadoop flume mahout oozie whirr hbase hive hue |grep

[3] list of packages that I installed.
bash-4.1$ yum list installed |egrep --color "hadoop|bigtop"
bigtop-jsvc.x86_64                  @bigtop

bigtop-tomcat.noarch                @bigtop

bigtop-utils.noarch                  @bigtop

hadoop.x86_64                        @bigtop

hadoop-client.x86_64                 @bigtop

hadoop-conf-pseudo.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-debuginfo.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-doc.x86_64                    @bigtop

hadoop-hdfs-datanode.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-hdfs-fuse.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-hdfs-journalnode.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-hdfs-namenode.x86_64                @bigtop


hadoop-hdfs-zkfc.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-libhdfs.x86_64                @bigtop


hadoop-yarn-nodemanager.x86_64                @bigtop

hadoop-yarn-proxyserver.x86_64                @bigtop



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