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From Steven Núñez <>
Subject Re: Hue Using MR1?
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 12:27:12 GMT
Good question. I¹ve got to say the BitTop community earns top points for
being helpful and constructive.

Specifically, I¹d say a working pseudo configuration for all components
would be a great start for newcomers. Second, I¹d look at puppet
integration, perhaps via Ambari or Hue. The update could prompt the user:
³Would you like to configure your cluster now? <y/n>² and then start the
interface for that. If that¹s too ambitious for a weekend, then include a
number of working puppet recipes and install them, along with some
pointers to the alternatives system.

	- SteveN

On 2013-12-6 18:42 , "Bruno Mahé" <> wrote:

>Most devs on this list probably either use the puppet recipes or have a
>set of config files ready to be reused for their different installations.
>So we do not always encounter the same issues as you do from a fresh
>A hackathon is coming up this week end and I would like to tackle some
>tasks to make Apache Bigtop more user friendly. So besides some more
>consistent documentation and pseudo conf packages, would there be
>anything else you would like to see happening?

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