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From Steven Núñez <>
Subject Oozie Setup Script Missing
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 10:33:03 GMT
Greetings again,

The bigtop oozie setup<>
page says to run the script. It seems to be missing in 0.70. Is this no longer
the correct way to configure oozie in bigtop, or is the file just missing? I had a look at
the oozie JIRA project, but there’s a lot of cruft in there, for example an unresolved improvement
suggesting an upgrade to Hadoop 1.2.1. Refining the search, I have found a number of issues
relating to the script, but none of them ‘missing from distribution’. Project BigTop doesn’t
have it their either.

Anyone with any idea how to fix?

- SteveN

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