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From Sean Mackrory <>
Subject Re: CentOS Out of Box Install Summary
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2013 15:48:25 GMT
One key point is that the components that are running out of the box are
mostly running in a single-node configuration or with an embedded database
as a backend. Practically all of these systems will require some manual
configuration before they are production-ready. Neither packages nor puppet
can solve that entirely - we would really need something that can
orchestrate the different roles in the cluster in bringing up the services.
Even then, I suspect such a system would require some manual input
regarding what you want, because there are so many different ways you might
want to deploy all this.

- Hadoop zkfc: This is for high-availability in HDFS. I don't know the
specifics but I would not expect this to be running out-of-the-box.
- I don't have a ton of experience with the other Hadoop daemons but I know
the NodeManager usually works for me. I'd be curious to know what problem
you ran into here.
- We could probably make a "hbase-conf-pseudo" package that installs a
working single-node configuration, but again - it would never be used that
way in most cases. I thought by default the master operated in
"stand-alone" mode, and by enabling "distributed mode" in the configuration
you could then run a region server on the same node. See
- The Hive Metastore needs an external RDBMS to be configured. Some
services come with a default "embedded" database but these are never
suitable for production and usually cause more trouble than they are worth,
IMHO. I love the sound of "everything working out of the box", but I think
this is one case where we need to help the user understand what external
infrastructure is required to make the system work properly.
- Not familiar with Spark, but I believe we stopped shipping Scala embedded
in Spark and a user would need to have it installed beforehand, just like
with Java? I'm probably wrong here - just a hint.

Thanks for sharing your emails with the list. As Jay Vyas mentioned - a lot
of the contributors can get busy at times but it would be great to start
collecting this information into a better "User Manual".

On Wed, Nov 20, 2013 at 6:32 PM, Steven Núñez <>wrote:

>   Gents,
>  Below is a summary of the results of an out of the box CentOS/EC2 BigTop
> 0.70.0 install. It lists all the components I need for the project I’m
> writing about. What would be useful somewhere on the wiki is a list of
> known issues and a page to some possible resolutions. This could be as easy
> as taking this list and adding a third column ‘workaround’ with a page on
> how to fix it. It could also be used as a QA page of sorts, on the
> assumption that all of the components are supposed to work out of the box
> (looks like some of the init.d scripts aren’t quite right either judging by
> the error below).
>  Cheers,
> - SteveN
>  Hadoop datanode is running                                 [  OK  ]
> Hadoop journalnode is running                              [  OK  ]
> Hadoop namenode is running                                 [  OK  ]
> Hadoop secondarynamenode is running                        [  OK  ]
> Hadoop zkfc is dead and pid file exists                    [FAILED]
> Hadoop httpfs is running                                   [  OK  ]
> Hadoop historyserver is dead and pid file exists           [FAILED]
> Hadoop nodemanager is dead and pid file exists             [FAILED]
> Hadoop proxyserver is dead and pid file exists             [FAILED]
> Hadoop resourcemanager is running                          [  OK  ]
> hald (pid  1041) is running...
> HBase master daemon is dead and pid file exists            [FAILED]
> hbase-regionserver is not running.
> HBase rest daemon is running                               [  OK  ]
> HBase thrift daemon is running                             [  OK  ]
> HCatalog server is running                                 [  OK  ]
> Hive Metastore is dead and pid file exists                 [FAILED]
> Hive Server is running                                     [  OK  ]
> Hive Server2 is dead and pid file exists                   [FAILED]
> not running but /var/run/oozie/ exists.
> Spark master is not running                                [FAILED]
> Spark worker is not running                                [FAILED]
> spice-vdagentd is stopped
> Sqoop Server is running                                    [  OK  ]

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