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From Bruno Mahé <>
Subject Re: permanant builds on jenkins
Date Sun, 07 Jul 2013 00:58:14 GMT
On 07/06/2013 07:33 AM, Jay Vyas wrote:
> Hi bigtop:
> Are there any permanant builds saved on jenkins (for the VM matrix)?
> If not it would be nice to add them for certain known well tested,
> working disk images .
> (for context, I'm currently running Mr2 build of the KVM box and it
> appears to have some intermittent write issues on the DataNode path, and
> also, my namenode appears to really like being in safe mode.  these
> could just be due to VM setup though, as im changing some things like
> adding static IPs and data node write paths... so nothing to be alarmed
> about.)
> --
> Jay Vyas

Hi Jay,

Could you defined "permanent build" ?
I am not sure if this fits your requirement, but jenkins has a link to 
the latest successful build (ex:,KIND=kvm,label=fedora16/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/bigtop-vm-kvm-master.tar.gz


We do not store convenient artifacts of VMs since no one has asked about 
it before.
So ideally, known well tested working disk images would be the ones from 
Apache Bigtop releases. But right now, there is not much testing of our 
VMs. But any help on that front would be welcome!

Note also that I added that VM more as a base VM for an Apache Hadoop 
cloud image than a developer VM. That's why there is not much in it as 
well as no desktop pre-configured.
So depending on your needs, we may want to add a new VM or enhance the 
current one (also, boxgrinder enables inheritance between appliances).

Also Boxgrinder is apparently not being maintained anymore. So we may 
want to look into other VM builders (Oz, etc.)


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