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From Jay Vyas <>
Subject BigTop : Build Targets
Date Mon, 10 Jun 2013 19:46:33 GMT
Hi again Big Top !

What are the "goals" as far as software artifacts coming out of bigtop ?  I
see that in the jenkins server there are all sorts of things, everything

- specific versions of tools which are considered part of the ecosystem
(i.e. the flume rpm)

- specific versions of non-ecosystem tools (like SOLR, which is completely
independent of Hadoop)

The definition on the web page is "Bigtop is a project for the development
of packaging and tests of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem."

Clearly, big top is doing alot of awesome stuff - building VMs with hadoop
distros in them for the whole ecosystem, testing the interoperability of
the software in those VMs, and compiling / building hadoop ecosystem tools
and packaging them up into a reusable and easily integrated structure.

However, its not clear what the "final" artifact that big top is producing

Maybe I don't understand the project definition correctly.  If so please
clarify :)

Thanks !

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