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From Erick Erickson <>
Subject Newbie questions
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2012 16:07:48 GMT
OK, I'm trying to test out the Solr additions, and I'm a total novice
here so please bear with me.

Of course I'm going to take advantage of others doing the hard work
and try out the patch from But before I do that
I wanted to build a simple app to be sure that problems I see with
Solr are not issues with my setup so I chose Zookeeper (with some
coaching from Roman, thanks!). I got the source and built Zookeeper,
following the instructions here:

So far so good. But that page then instructs me to
cd ~/bigtop/output/bigtop-utils
sudo dpkg --install *.deb
cd ~/bigtop/output
sudo dpkg --install **/**.deb

But I have no bigtop-utils directory in output (although I do have
zookeeper). Hmmm, seems like I should "make bigtop-utils", and there
seems to be a target for that in Unfortunately every time I
try that (either 'make bigtop-utils' or 'make -f') I get "No
rule to make target 'bigtop-utils' "

I'm sure I'm messing something up. Do I need bigtop-utils at all? Or
is it sufficient to just go into bigtop/output/zookeeper and dpkg from
there. And I'm also assuming that I need to do the specific installs
for zookeeper (and Solr when I get there) rather than try to install

Also note I'm also a Ubuntu newbie, running all this in VirtualBox  on
OS X. I'm reasonably familiar with *nix though.


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