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From Bruno Mahé <>
Subject Re: MRv1 mapred command no longer supports starting the jobtracker/tasktracker
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 04:48:04 GMT
On 08/06/2012 04:42 PM, Jos Backus wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure if this is a BigTop issue or if I should report this to the
> MapReduce project. Pointers appreciated!
> This is related to
> erroneously
> removed the jobtracker and tasktracker commands without providing
> replacement functionality. The change points to the yarn command but that
> script doesn't provide MRv1 support.
> The hadoop command, when invoked as 'hadoop jobtracker', says
> DEPRECATED: Use of this script to execute mapred command is deprecated.
> Instead use the mapred command for it.
> But `mapred jobtracker' says:
> Sorry, the jobtracker command is no longer supported.
> you may find similar functionality with the "yarn" shell command.
> Usage: mapred [--config confdir] COMMAND
>         where COMMAND is one of:
>     pipes                run a Pipes job
>     job                  manipulate MapReduce jobs
>     queue                get information regarding JobQueues
>     classpath            prints the class path needed for running
>                          mapreduce subcommands
>     groups               get the groups which users belong to
>     historyserver        run job history servers as a standalone daemon
>     distcp <srcurl> <desturl> copy file or directories recursively
>     archive -archiveName NAME -p <parent path> <src>* <dest> create
a hadoop
> archive
>   Most commands print help when invoked w/o parameters.
> Thanks for any help/insight you may be able to provide.
> Cheers,
> Jos

Hi Jos,

I am not sure I fully understand your issue, but the jobtracker and 
tasktracker do not exist anymore in Apache Hadoop 2.0.


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