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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Preparing for the 0.2.0 release of Bigtop
Date Mon, 17 Oct 2011 21:31:21 GMT
Fellow Bigtoppers,

even though 0.1.0 was only ~2 month ago it seems that we've got
plenty of good stuff in our trunk waiting for 0.2.0. I would like to propose
that we shoot for 0.2.0 to be available first week of November 2011
and that it includes the following Hadoop stack components (note
that we will NOT be bumping version of Hadoop):
On top of that, I propose that we make iTest validation be part of the
release criteria for 0.2.0.

Now, all together we have 21 issues assigned to 0.2.0:

Andrew has 6 assigned to him, Bruno has 1 and it seems that I've got
the rest of them. I would appreciate if you guys can take a look
at the ones assigned to you and let me know if you are comfortable
fixing them this week or whether they can be punted to 0.3.0.


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