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From alla winter <>
Subject Tomcat and Beehive integration
Date Fri, 16 May 2008 15:05:05 GMT
Beehive framework seems have a lot of useful features  and relatively simple to use.  I want
to integrate it with Tomcat, but I am not sure about software version compatibility
I would appreciate if I can get help to identify all the components that I need to install
to achieve the following task:
To run asynchronous  WS on Tomcat utilizing Beehive
To  run JMS on Tomcat utilizing Beehive
I am thinking about integrating the following components: 
Tomcat 5.5+  + jdk 5 + Active MQ 5.1  (compliant with JMS 1.1) + BEEHIVE 1.0.2
I am not sure if I need to install JAX-WS  or Beehive framework includes it.  I am also confused
about  how Beehive is cooperating with JAX-WS:  JAX-WS is utilizing JAXB, while Beehive is
utilizing XMLBeans 
If JAX-WS is needed, can I use jdk 6 instead, because it is integrated with JAX-WS?

I would appreciate if you would help me to sort out those things


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