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From Александър Шопов <>
Subject Custom LoginHandler, setting UserPrincipal
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2007 15:42:14 GMT
Hi guys,
I have an 1.0.2 Beehive application with a custom Login handler.

It is declared in beehive-netui-config.xml -

XPath - /netui-config/pageflow-handlers/login-handler/handler-class

What currently the login handler does is to implement the login method,
which creates an object that implements and puts 
it in the session under a specific name.

After the login - I can get the object - it is in the session, but I 
cannot get it in JSPs using request.getUserPrincipal().

I believe this should be done by making a wrapper on the HttpRequest, 
that will do the translation.

However - is this a filter that I should implement, or is there a 
natural way of automatically doing it with beehive?

Kind regards:

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