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From "Carlin Rogers" <>
Subject Re: beehive 1.0.2 netui-data:repeater tab order issue
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2007 17:42:53 GMT
I'm sure there are lots of creative solutions for this. One solution
would be to manage a couple of tab index counters in the page flow
controller and reference them from within the repeater tag to add a
tabindex attribute. For example, the page flow controller could

    private int tabIndexA = -1;
    private int tabIndexB = 0;
    public int getTabIndexA() {
        tabIndexA = tabIndexA + 2;
        return tabIndexA;
    public int getTabIndexB() {
        tabIndexB = tabIndexB + 2;
        return tabIndexB;

Then in the repeater tag include the tabindex attribute using an
expression to get the desired tab index value. For example,

<netui:textBox ... tabindex="${pageFlow.tabIndexA}">


<netui:textBox ... tabindex="${pageFlow.tabIndexB}">

Note, it might be best to create a setter method or some mechanism to
reinitial the tabindex values in the page flow from the page so that
even when the page is just reloaded or another action in the page flow
is hit, the tab index is reset for every page.

Kind regards,

On 10/4/07, Sudhansu Pati <> wrote:
> Description of the tab order problem we are facing
> In our application we are using netui:data repeaters to display the
> values from arraylist or array (which contains values from the
> database). We have an issue regarding its usage that has been explained
> below:
> There are 2 netui:data repeaters in a jsp, call them as A and B, each of
> them having 10 values.Now when we use tab key to move, the tab order
> goes through all the 10 values of Data repeater A and then it moves to
> the Data repeater B and covers all 10 values. The user wants the cursor
> to move to the first value of Data repeater A on first tab hit and on
> second tab it should go to 1st value of Data repeater B. Similarly third
> tab press should go to 2nd value of data repeater A and 4th to 2nd value
> of Data repeater B.
> Our understanding of the problem
> In our below example, we fetch the list of values and store in string
> array strAccountPurchaseSize. This string array is populated with values
> from database in DAO classes. The repeater tag binds to this array and
> starts rendering its body. After the repeater completes one complete
> iteration, the repeater for the next column starts rendering the page.
> Hence the tab order also works in the same manner as the way the
> repeater renders the data.
>                                                    <netui-data:repeater
> dataSource="{actionForm.strAccountPurchaseSize}" ignoreNulls="true" >
> <netui-data:repeaterItem>
>                                                             <tr
> align="center">
>                                                                 <td>
> <netui:textBox  tagId="account" dataSource="{container.item}" size="30"
> style="font-family:verdana;font-size:8pt" />
>                                                                 </td>
>                                                             </tr>
> </netui-data:repeaterItem>
> </netui-data:repeater>
> Things we have already tried
> We tried setting tabindex property of data repeaters. Still the tab
> order goes across the rows of the first column and then moves to the
> first row of the second column.
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