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From jason knox <>
Subject RE: testing controls
Date Thu, 30 Aug 2007 15:47:26 GMT
   Hi Chris --
One option that I've taken is to test the implementation of ControlA directly.  With this
approach one can either use A.) a protected setter and set the ControlB mock in the testclass
(provided they share the same directory structure) or B.) simply set the control using reflection
either explicitly or with a private setter.  Although I've most recently used option B.) our
team has come to the conclusion that option A.) is sufficient.  

Hope this helps,

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 From: Christopher Snow [] 
 Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2007 6:46 AM
 Subject: testing controls
  I have a control (ControlA) that has a reference to another control (ControlB). 
  I would like to test ControlA using a mock of ControlB.  I have created a
  setting to set ControlA's reference to ControlB from the test case.  However to
  do this, I need to put the setter in the business interface.  Is there a better
  Thanks in advance ...
  public class ControlAImpl ... {
     private ControlB controlB;
     public void setControlB( ControlB control ) {
        controlB = control
     // business logic
  public interface ControlA ...{
      // bad idea? non business method in business interface
      public void setControlB( ControlB control );
  public class ControlAImplTest extends ControlTestCase {
     private ControlA controlA;
     public void testX() {
        ControlB mockControlB = // create mock of ControlB
        controlA.setControlB( mockControlB )
        // test business logic here
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