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From "Carlin Rogers" <>
Subject Re: tagId in on a netui-data:row
Date Thu, 01 Feb 2007 21:18:28 GMT
Hi Ben,

I think this works as designed and is just something missing from the
tag documentation for <netui-data:row>. using the expression
${container.index} to append the index of the current data item is
redundant in this case. When the tagId attribute of the
<netui-data:row> is used within a rows tag it behaves like it does on
other cell tags... <netui-data:spanCell>, <netui-data:anchorCell>. See
the following SpanCell class Javadoc as an example...

One thing to note about the <netui-data:row> tag is that it will not
use / append the index of the current data item if it is in the header
or the footer, etc. Only when the data grid state set for rendering
the actual grid.

I've opened a doc issue in JIRA to improve the information about the
tagId attribute in <netui-data:row>. See

Kind regards,

On 2/1/07, Burgess, Benjamin <> wrote:
> I am using a netui-data:datagrid tag like this:
> <netui:scriptContainer generateIdScope="true">
>       <netui-data:dataGrid dataSource="pageInput.myList"
> name="traditionalContractsGrid" renderRowGroups="true">
>             <netui-data:configurePager disableDefaultPager="true" />
>             <netui-data:rows renderRow="false">
>                   <netui-data:row tagId="row${container.index}">
> It appears that when using a tagId inside of a netui-data:rows tag will
> auto append the container index to the id.  The above code is resulting
> in html that has the rows as n0.row00, n0.row11, n0.row22, etc.  If I
> change the tagId for the netui-data:row to not use ${container.index}
> then it accomplishes what I wanted which is n0.row0, n0.row1, n0.row2,
> etc.  Is this correct undocumented behavior or was my code correct and
> there is a bug causing the index to be appended after the tagId
> automatically (twice if I do it manually like above code)?
> Ben
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