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From arockiasamy <>
Subject Error on apache\'s beehive Controls
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2007 19:06:59 GMT


   I am now working in apache\'s beehive. while working on Controls, i could
not get  output, i am following the 
beehive tutorial examples.eventhough i couldn\'t get. 

  I have one interface and implementation class. then controller class. i am
passing value/data from  one jsp to another jsp throug Controller class
using controls. i should get \"helloworld\" with jsp data. but i couldn\'t.
here i have given details program. i am getting nullpointer exception with
servlet exception..error in the browser and in the console \"SEVERE: Parsing
error processing resource path /WEB-INF/classes/_pageflow/struts-config.xml
Throwable: java.lang.LinkageError: Class
org/apache/commons/digester/Digester violates loader constraints
Stack Trace: java.lang.LinkageError: Class
org/apache/commons/digester/Digester violates loader constraints \" error i
am getting. 

  For control manifest file is generated, but ControlBean class is not auto
generated, why?.....

kindly give some tips..

Here is the program

HelloWorld .java //interface
public interface HelloWorld {
    public String hello();
    public String helloParam(String name);

2) //Implementation file
 @ControlImplementation(isTransient = true)
public class HelloWorldImpl
implements HelloWorld {

     * @see controls.HelloWorld#hello()
    public String hello() {

       return \"hello World\";

     * @see controls.HelloWorld#helloParam(java.lang.String)
    public String helloParam(String name) {
        return \"Hello\" + name;

}      //controller class

      simpleActions = {
          @Jpf.SimpleAction(name=\"begin\", path=\"/pageflow/index.jsp\"),  
          @Jpf.SimpleAction(name=\"login\", path=\"/pageflow/login.jsp\" )
public class Controller
extends PageFlowController {
    private HelloWorld helloWorld;
    @Jpf.Action (
         forwards= {
             @Jpf.Forward(name=\"success\", path =\"/pageflow/display.jsp\")
    public Forward processLogin(LoginForm loginForm) {
        log(\"UserName    : \" + loginForm.getUserName());
        log(\"Designation : \" + loginForm.getDesignation());
        Forward fwd = new Forward(\"success\");
        fwd.addActionOutput(\"userName\", loginForm.getUserName());
        fwd.addActionOutput(\"designation\", loginForm.getDesignation());
        fwd.addActionOutput(\"controlMsg\", helloWorld.hello());
        return fwd;


		Your submitted data 
		Name   			:<netui:span value=\"${pageInput.userName}\"></netui:span> 
		Designation 	:<netui:span value=\"${pageInput.designation}\"></netui:span>
		ControlMessage 	:<netui:span

Note:  i am not using  ant tool rather i am using Eclipse 3.2 and to
generate pageflow i am using annotationprocessing tool plugin..

kindly help and if possible give some reference for controls

Thanks in advance
Arockiasamy A

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