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From "Scott Hammer" <>
Subject Recommended Pattern for Control Call from Beehive JSP?
Date Wed, 17 Jan 2007 15:32:57 GMT
In the WLP 8.1.x version of the netui-data taglib, there were <netui-data:declareControl>
and <netui-data:callControl> tags for making a control method call from a JSP.  The
Beehive 1.0.x netui-data taglib has neither tag; however, the documentation seems to hint
that it is possible to call a control using the <netui-data:callMethod> tag.  The API
doc actually refers to a "controlId" attribute that does not actually seem to be a part of
the tag interface.  See:

Is it possible to make a call to a custom control (which in turn calls an EJB control and
the Portal Caching framework) from a JSP in a Beehive pageflow?  Will the control be executed
in a control container so that the EJB control actually works?  
If so, could someone provide some sample code for my use case?  From the JSP, I would like
to call the getOrganizations() method on a custom control called com.mycustomer.control.ListCacheControl,
returning the java.util.List result in a pageContext variable called "orgs".  The result would
then be used as the optionsDataSource for a <netui:select> tag.
My incorrect attempts:
<netui-data:callMethod object="${pageFlow.listCacheControl}" resultId="orgs" method="getOrganizations"></netui-data:callMethod>
// ListCacheControl exposed as a public pageFlow attribute - I don't like this

<netui-data:callMethod object="com.mycustomer.control.ListCacheControl" resultId="orgs"

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