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From "Carlin Rogers" <>
Subject Re: Building netui-blank
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 06:53:42 GMT
Hi Drew,

Your project structure looks correct. The sample shipped with beehive
includes a log4j.xml resource. The build.xml file in the netui-blank
sample first copies the *.xml resources into the build/WEB-INF/classes
dir before compiling source. This creates the directory. I noticed
that without any resources you get the error you encountered. See the
<!-- copy resources --> section of the "build" in the build.xml.

You can either include the log4j.xml as the shipped sample does or
edit your build.xml and add the following to the "build" target,
before the <!-- copy resources --> section...

<mkdir dir="${build.dir}/WEB-INF/classes"/>

I can get the same change into the build.xml in svn for future releases. Thanks.

Hope that helps.

On 12/17/06, Drew Varner <> wrote:
> I am working with /samples/netui-blank out of Subversion. I have what
> I think is the correct directory structure based on the Tutorial from
> 1.0.2 for a project with a controller, a JSP and a control:
> ./
> ./build.xml
> ./src/
> ./src/org/redops/jdbccontrolsperf/controls/
> ./web/WEB-INF
> ./web/index.jsp
> However, on build (Ant 1.6.5) I get:
> /Users/varnerac/sample-build/build.xml:84: The following error
> occurred while executing this line:
> /Users/varnerac/beehive/trunk/ant/beehive-tools.xml:75: destination
> directory "/Users/varnerac/sample-build/build/WEB-INF/classes" does
> not exist or is not a directory
> Is this a bug or is my project layout incorrect?
> Thanks,
> Drew

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