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From "Carlin Rogers" <>
Subject Re: Question on unit testing page flows
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 19:40:39 GMT
Hi Dan,

I think HttpUnit may be your best bet. There should be some example
HttpUnit tests that ship with the petstore sample located in:


I also came across an archived email with explanation about of using
the MockPageFlowTestCase class based on StrutsTestCase for JUnit...

The original JIRA issue to support StrutsTestCase and container-less
"mock objects" testing was

You can view source at

Currently, there's an open JIRA issue for a new feature to provide
support for in-container and out-of-container testing. See open area for some contributions.

Kind regards,

On 11/20/06, Dan Doyle <> wrote:
> Will someone please point me at some resources that illustrate how to
> unit test pageflows in container? I am just learning Beehive so I am
> behind the curve in understanding, but I have created a basic pageflow
> with a control and I am trying to create a prototype for TDD and
> pageflows. I am sure I will ask more specific questions after I have a
> chance to understand pageflows better. Any articles on using httpunit
> with pageflows and portals will also be useful as I evaluate a good
> strategy for unit testing.
> Thank you,
> Dan

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