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From "Magli, Pierangelo" <>
Subject RE: Problem with JdbcControl accessed through an Axis Webservice
Date Thu, 10 Aug 2006 16:20:48 GMT
Hi Eddie,
Many thanks for your reply. 

It would be fantastic if you could give me some help on how to set up my
webapp to use that source files! Do you need some information on how the
application itself is structured & configured?

Thank you again,


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From: Eddie O'Neil [] 
Sent: Wednesday, August 09, 2006 5:56 PM
To: Beehive Users
Subject: Re: Problem with JdbcControl accessed through an Axis


  Use of the @Control annotation (declarative instantiation) requires
that the container of the web service be aware of how to create and
manage a control instance.  Out of the box, Axis 1.x does not support
this, but there is some as yet unshipped code in WSM that provides very
basic support for using Controls from an Axis web service.

  Basically, this code just intercepts the call to the web service,
instantiates fields declared with @Control, and then calls the web
service method.

  If you're interested, I can help you set this up -- it would require
using the source files in this directory:

in your application.  FWIW, this is code that Beehive could ship as a
standalone add-on to Axis if there's sufficient interest in that.


On 8/9/06, Magli, Pierangelo <> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a litte problem with JdbcControls and webservices, hope 
> somebody can help :)
> The use case is as following:
> I have to access a JdbcControl through a webservice (actually, a .jws 
> deployed on Axis, embedded in my web application). If I instantiate 
> the control programmaticaly, everything works flawlessly, but if I use

> the declarative approach with the @Control annotation, I get a 
> NullPointerException when I try to access the control...
> Do you have any suggestion that could fix this problem?
> Many thanks,
> Pier

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