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From "Jeremiah Johnson" <>
Subject RE: curious behavior with href that contains a %
Date Wed, 12 Jul 2006 17:21:33 GMT
I see now that my example was pretty opaque - sorry about that.  The
short answer to my own question is that I am misusing the anchor tag.
To get the results that I was expecting, I need to move the stuff that I
consider parameters to the real parameter tag:

  <p><netui:anchor href="">
    <netui:parameter name="" value="${reserved}"/>
    <netui:label value="${reserved}" />
  <p><netui:label value="${encoded}" /></p>

In my real case, I was building a link to another machine that included
both a machine name and some parameters; by putting all of that into the
href, I was getting the 'mixed' results.  I need to put just the path
part into href and the parameters into the parameter tag and all will be

Thank you.

- jeremiah
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jeremiah Johnson
> Sent: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 12:26 AM
> To:
> Subject: curious behavior with href that contains a %
> My observation is that href in netui:anchor and at least one of the
> netui-data tags is specifically 'encoding' the % if it appears.  It
> seems to me that either the value in href should be fully encoded or
> % should be left as is.
> Here is an attempt at a simplified example:
> --- clip from
> 	@Jpf.Action(forwards = { @Jpf.Forward(name = "success", path =
> "index.jsp") })
> 	protected Forward begin() {
> 		getRequest().setAttribute("reserved",
> comma,");
> 		getRequest().setAttribute("encoded",
> n:at@and&doller$comma,"));
> 		return new Forward("success");
> 	}
> ---
> I take that reserved stuff and put that in a netui:label and
> netui:anchor and see that it is altered in the netui:anchor.
> --- clip from index.jsp
> <netui:body>
> 	<p><netui:anchor href="${reserved}">
> 		<netui:label value="${reserved}" />
> 	</netui:anchor></p>
> 	<p><netui:label value="${encoded}" /></p>
> </netui:body>
> ---
> So the value of href in the page rendered to the browser is
> uestion?colon:at@and&doller$comma,
> I expected either the same result as what is in one of the labels, but
> only the % is changed.  Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong or
> have incorrect expectations?
> Thank you.
> - jeremiah
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