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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: beehive and maven
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 13:38:11 GMT

  Thanks for your questions -- you raise some good points.

> >[WARNING] POM for 'beehive:beehive-controls:pom:1.0:compile' is invalid.
> >It will be ignored for artifact resolution. Reason: Parse error reading POM.
> >Downloading:
> >
> >s/1.0/beehive-controls-1.0.jar

[eko] Hm...we didn't upload JARs for Beehive 1.0 into the Maven
repository -- from the URL below, it looks like the POM is referencing
a snapshot version of Beehive from Codehaus.  I don't think that those
JARs have been updated in a year, so I'd suggest pulling the Beehive
1.0.1 release off of ibiblio:

Unfortunately, there are some stale things there, but with the right
project archetypes, you'll get the right JARs.

> >another thing is was wondering about: what is the state of the maven2 plugin ?
> >is there a beehive maven plugins that provides that same
> >functionality as the "build-controls" and "build-pageflows" ant tasks ?

[eko] Yes!  There are a set of Beehive + Maven2 plugins that I've got
in our sandbox here:

These will give you the equivalent support of the <build-controls> and
<build-pageflows> Ant macros just using the JDK's "apt.exe" tool. 
There are also two project archetypes there -- one for a web
application and one for controls.  I've been using them for my own
projects and am really happy with how they work -- Maven2 rocks.

> ><  <listener>
> ><listener-class>org.apache.beehive.samples.petstore.servlet.Listener</listener-class>
> ></listener>

[eko] This was my fault -- I errantly added this in 1.0.1.  Apologies!
 It's been removed now; as you point out, the application should work
without it.

Hope that helps...

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