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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: Where are the Web Services??
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 02:39:45 GMT

  Beehive has two components to its web service support -- the web
service control and an implementation of the JSR-181 specification for
authoring web services.  Neither have completed development work yet
and as such aren't part of a final Beehive release.

  I removed the Ant macros and some errant web service samples from
the 1.0.1 distribution because of this.  Apologies if this was

  I'd really like to see Beehive release a web service "beta" that
supports both the web service authoring and client pieces.  Just need
to make the time to do that...

  Otherwise, both are available (as always!) in Apache SVN here;
instructions for downloading and buliding are here:


On 4/9/06, Pau <> wrote:
> I downloaded the latest release (1.0.1) and I can't find the ws
> directory in the petstoreWeb sample. I've seen that previous versions
> had even a tutorial about WS in the documentation.
> Why has it been removed?
> At the release notesI found the following:
> "Removed the <build-webservices> Ant macros from
> ant/beehive-tools.xml. These macros are only used to build WSM
> annotated web services, which are not included in this release. See
> BEEHIVE-1046."
> And BEEHIVE-1046 says:
> "Since we're not shipping WSM yet, there's no reason to include the
> <build-webservices> Ant macro in the ant/beehive-tools.xml. Am
> planning on moving this macro into a wsm/ant/beehive-wsm-tools.xml
> file until we decide where to land the macros once WSM is ready to
> ship."
> Wasn't it ready to ship?
> --Pau

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