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From Andreas Wüst <>
Subject beehive pageFlowController package names
Date Sun, 16 Apr 2006 09:23:25 GMT

i was wondering if it is possible to configure the path to the
PageFlowController files. As far
as i could see beehive more or less requires the same directory
structure for the jsp pages and
the PageFlowController classes. Ok, the jsp pages can be in directories
of your choice.

So far i am just testing beehive and i have the following problem. i
have a pageFlowController
in the package "de.bla.blub" with the name TestController. To access
this controller i have to
"http://localhost:8080/webappname/de/bla/blubb/TestController.jpf". So,
what i do not like
about that is that the package name shows up in the url. is there a way
to configure a different path
for the pageflowcontroller url ?

is is possible to configure a url path like :    
...../webappname/foo/bar/TestController.jpf ?

just asking because i think that i am quite restricted in the way
i can configure package names (as long as i want a certain path naming).
usually the package names
and the url paths do not match at all for my applications.


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