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From "Romanowski, Tim" <>
Subject RE: Accessing Page Data before Rendering: Constructing JSF Datatable with Columns Having Foreign Key
Date Mon, 24 Apr 2006 21:32:56 GMT
Since JSF may not be a specialty for many on the list, I'm going to try
and ask a more pointed question in the hope that perhaps someone can
provide insight for a workaround.

First, is it possible to pass parameters when accessing an action
directly via an html URL?
I have the following in a javascript function on my page:
  function openForm(value){"http://localhost:8080/MyWebApp/subcontroller/goCreateForm.d

That line opens a window with a form in it.  I'd like to pass a value
via my javascript function and be able to append it to the action so that I can use the value in the form.  The
reason I am doing this is to work around problems I have using JSF
DataTables.  I'm now using the Apache displaytag to build my table in my
JSF pages, but the JSF CommandLink tag does not work properly in the
displaytag tag (unless you use a serious hack).  

Secondly, is there any documentation on the order that Beehive renders
tags?  It would help in answering my original question below; I'd like
to be able to access the value in a tag before it is renders so that I
can do some processing on the value.  

I welcome any suggestions!


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From: Romanowski, Tim 
Sent: Thursday, April 20, 2006 2:06 PM
Subject: Accessing Page Data before Rendering: Constructing JSF
Datatable with Columns Having Foreign Key

Hey guys, I originally posted this over on the MyFaces user list, but I
think now that it might be more appropriate to ask here.

My setup consists of JSF (Apache MyFaces), using Beehive Pageflows as my
I'm trying to construct a JSF DataTable (actually, I'm using Tomahawk),
and have a problem where I want to construct a datatable, whereby each
row in that datatable has a column which itself has several 'sub-rows.'
The issue I have, is that I cannot have a user click on a button or a
link to generate an action and insert the data into the datatable for a
given row; instead, I need all the data for the column that has multiple
'sub-rows' to be displayed when the datatable is first created.  

Essentially, what I'm asking is: how can I access an attribute
corresponding to the current row of a datatable as it is constructed, so
that for each datatable row, I can call a backing bean method that will
return a dynamically generated set of data (sub-rows)?  A user on the
MyFaces list showed that he was using Shale, and Shale has a method
allowing him to access the current datatable row attributes before the
page is finally rendered.  Could someone shed some light on how I might
go about doing this?  Is the current page context available to the
backing bean even as components are being rendered?  

If I were able to access data within 'current datatable row,' I could
then use either a nested datatable, panelgrid, or similar construct, but
getting the data to put into those components is causing me much grief.



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