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From "Srinivas Surapaneni" <>
Subject RE: Has anyone successfully used MyFaces datatable with beehive?
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2006 13:47:53 GMT
I was able to get the datatable working using the list in the pageflow

I could not get the scrolling and sorting working

Here is the jsp syntax

<t:dataTable id="data"
                  rowOnClick="alert('rowId: ' +"

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From: Tim Romanowski [] 
Sent: Saturday, March 25, 2006 9:47 PM
Subject: Has anyone successfully used MyFaces datatable with beehive?

I'm wondering if anyone is currently using JSF (particularly, MyFaces)
datatables with Beehive page flows.  I've started designing a web app and
very much like page flows and their features.  However,
documentation/tutorials/samples of JSF integration is pretty limited--I've
read (several times) the JSF & Beehive integration article on BEA's dev2dev
site, including their pageflows article, and have looked at every possible
beehive/jsf related link I can find both on the Beehive wiki and through

Despite various attempts, I can't seem to access my backing beans from a jsf
datatable tag.  Is there an inherent problem with the way jsf datatables
work that would prevent me from accessing a backing bean directly?  Let's
say we have some code for a backing bean (look familiar?):

package example;

import org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.FacesBackingBean;
import org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.annotations.Jpf;

public class page1 extends FacesBackingBean
  private String _someProperty = "This is a property value from"
                                 + getClass().getName() + ".";

  public String getSomeProperty()
      return _someProperty;

  public void setSomeProperty(String someProperty)
      _someProperty = someProperty;
In my jsf page, I could do something like:
<h:outputText value="#{backing.someProperty}"/>

That's great, but when I try to use a myfaces datatable, I get no data
from the bean.  Just an empty table with headers.

What I've done is essentially the same (but obviously different enough
to cause heartache).  I have a method in my backing bean called
"getTableData" that returns a ListDataModel.  Just to test this out, I
simply populate a List with some data, then construct the
ListDataModel object to be returned.  From my server logs, I see some
debug statements I've added for testing, showing that the object is
populated, but for some reason the myfaces datatable tag is not
displaying any data.

Would any kind soul be willing to provide a sample of a working jsf
datatable that accesses a backing bean (one annotated with
@Jpf.backing and extending the FacesBackingBean class).  Also, if
anyone would like to add in any other caveats they've found while
working with datatables, or jsf in general with beehive pageflows, it
would be greatly appreciated.


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