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From Christophe DENEUX <>
Subject Re: beehive 1.0.1 jars in the maven repo
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 11:24:23 GMT

Hi Eddie,

Thanks for your work,
I am trying it and I have the following warning for each module:

[WARNING] POM for 'org.apache.beehive:beehive-controls:pom:1.0.1' is 
invalid. It will be ignored for artifact resolution. Reason: Not a 
v4.0.0 POM.

I think you must set "4.0.0" in the tag "version" in POMs.


Eddie O'Neil a écrit :
> All--
>   I've just uploaded the Beehive 1.0.1 release JARs to the Maven
> repository.  Once the mirrors catch up, they'll be available from the
> usual ibiblio locations.
>   The groupId is "org.apache.beehive" and the artifact Id(s) are the
> usual JAR names.  I think that I've got the POMs correct, though if
> you see any problems with them, let me know.  I'll commit them to the
> branches/v1.0.1 line shortly so that they can be easily updated.
>   There is definitely Maven support left to do including:
> - making the NetUI resources / webapp template available somehow. 
> I've got a Maven2 archetype that provides these but am not sure how to
> support this in Maven1.
> - making the Beehive build infrastructure available including
> "beehive-tools.xml" for Maven1 support.  This would include the
> contribution that Adam made a while ago that I need to upload.  For
> Maven2 support, a project just needs the Beehive JARs and the Maven2 +
> APT compiler integration.
>   Let me know if you have any trouble.
> Thanks!
> Eddie

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