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From James Black <>
Subject Re: Doubts on Apache Beehive.
Date Sat, 03 Dec 2005 00:44:53 GMT
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Ricardo Constantino wrote:
> In beehive since actions are methods, these way of working is not possible
> and since the pageflow is jpf file is not possible to create a base pageflow
> to implements the same generic code.

  It may be splitting hairs, but page flows can be java source files
also, and the jpf file can extend classes, so you can have generic code
that all page flows use.

  For the database controller issue, you can redesign your controller
logic a bit.

  For example, you can just open and close connections for each
function, so that when it goes back to the page, you have closed that

  Move your database functions into a database layer, and the
controllers can use those classes. I probably have 10 different classes
in my database layer, for example, so that I can group my database
functions in a logical way.  The controllers shouldn't go directly to
the db anyway.

  If there is one common class for a database connection, then you can
pass that around to the database layer, and retrieve it from there, so
the different controllers can use the same connection.

  You can also just use a database pool, so you get and release
connections quickly, right after you are done with them.

  This problem isn't a problem, depending on your architecture.

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