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From Adam Jenkins <>
Subject Re: beehive and maven
Date Wed, 28 Dec 2005 18:53:48 GMT
Yeah, I believe you're correct on the tranitive dependency thing, which is good and bad...I
kind of like it because it forces me to understand what's going on with the tools I'm using
and to normalize libraries...but it is extra work.

In terms of seperating out the POMs, if you're talking about an example program, or when you're
using beehive in a the moment that's they are seperated out, that's how I put
together the goals, so they could be used or not used.  If for example you want to only use
controls, you include only the control libraries as dependencies in your pom and use the goal
beehive:build-controls (or set it up as a pre/post goal somewhere).  You could take the individual
goals and put them into seperate projects, but I don't know what benefit you'd get for the

If you're referring to your beehive poms (if you're mavenizing the beehive build process),
then definitely different poms because you use a maven goal to upload the built artifacts,
so I believe you have to have different poms for different libraries.  We use pom inheritance
in this case and put all the common stuff in a super-pom (ask me if you haven't hit inheritance
yet and I'll go through it).  Also check out multisite:install and the rest of the multisite
commands (again, ask me if you want a quick write up).  You can string your different projects
together and build them one touch.

I hope that's what you were asking, fire me another email if I was unclear (just woke up,
only half way through morning coffee :) so ramble-levels could be high).  Also, if you need
a hand going through anything or putting together poms etc, feel free to fire me an email.

Yeah, and the much needed holiday is a pretty rad trip....start in buenos aires, then fly
to peru...overland through bolivia to brazil...finish in rio for carnival where my girlfriend
and I are participating in the parade with one of the local samba schools.  Very much looking
forward to it :)


Eddie O'Neil <> wrote: Adam--

  Sounds like a great trip; enjoy it.  :)

  I think I've got everything covered -- just need a key to sign the
JARs and commit the POMs.  It's my understanding that Maven 1.x
doesn't handle transitive dependencies in which case the dependencies
for controls and web projects need to be listed explicitly.  Shouldn't
be hard.

  Also, what do you think of splitting the POMs up so that you can use
Controls, NetUI, and WSM independently?  Seemed best to decouple them
as much as possible.


On 12/22/05, Adam Jenkins  wrote:
> Hi Eddie,
> The example poms I uploaded may need some cleaning up (as per my notes on the jira issue).
 I will be able to answer questions until Dec 31...then I'm on holidays for 2 months and won't
be near a computer (hiking south america), so unfortunately if you want me to answer any questions
you'll have to get them to me before the 31st or after March 3rd (when I return).  Feel free
to fire as many through as you want, I'm on holidays as of now so it's a good time if you
want assistance.
> Oh, and this is my email address while I'm away...if I can find a netcafe I'll check
> Cheers
> Adam
> Eddie O'Neil  wrote: All--
>   Apologies for the wide distribution, but this is relevant to both
> the dev@ and user@ lists.
>   I'm starting to do the work for Beehive to appear in the Maven
> repository and work with Maven builds (thanks to Adam!).  This
> includes a few parts:
> - creating .pom files for NetUI and Controls.  Am planning on making
> these two separate files.  If you're familiar with Maven, does that
> make sense?
> - creating checksums and signatures for all of the Beehive 1.0 JARs
> - making the JARs and XML files available in the Maven repository
> - adding Adam's Maven plug-in for building Beehive source artifacts to
> SVN.  Will also make this available from
> for the 1.0 release and will include them in subsequent releases.
>   If you're using the files currently in Beehive's Maven repo here:
> let me know.  These files are *very* stale, and I'm planning on
> refreshing them with the 1.0 distribution and moving forward from
> there.  Will also include a snapshot of WSM.  Just don't want to cause
> anyone a migration problem.
>   Thoughts / comments / flames welcome.  I'm a Maven newbie, so please
> let me know if I'm confusing something or you'd like additional
> features.
> Eddie
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