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From "Karr, David" <>
Subject RE: Doubts on Apache Beehive.
Date Fri, 02 Dec 2005 22:44:23 GMT
I'll jump in here and hopefully get this right :) .

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Beohar, Vaibhav [] 
> 1)	One of the chief reasons for the scepticism over Beehive is that
> folks think that Beehive splits the controller (in different 
> controller
> files) which makes the effort of tracking from one flow to 
> other that more tough. Whereas Struts has a central 
> struts-config.xml file which can be easily used for tracking 
> the flow, there is no such single file in Beehive and this 
> could lead to more time in tracking the flows than in Struts.

A Beehive controller is equivalent to a single struts-config.xml file,
also referred to as a "struts module".  If you have multiple struts
modules, you would have multiple struts-config.xml files.  In my view,
if you tried to build a single struts-config.xml file that contained all
of your flows, including the conceptually nested modules, that would
only make it harder to track your flows.  If you build your application
modularly, with separate struts modules for each subflow, you'd be
better off.

> 2)	Beehive does not have a configuration file which could 
> be changed
> without the need for compilation. Such files go a long way in 
> meeting customer demands in case of a quick business flow 
> change. For example, in Struts a change in scenario A to 
> scenario B [JSP flow] will be so easily changeable by 
> tweaking some tags in struts-config.xml here and there, 
> whereas in Beehive the same activity may lead to multiple 
> sub-activities like tracking the flow in individual Java 
> Controller files, changing the Java code and their subsequent 
> compilation.

Frankly, although I've always appreciated the separation of the
struts-config.xml file from the Action classes, I find it would be rare
that a tweak to the flow can be accomplished entirely in the
struts-config.xml file.  I would think those cases are usually trivial.

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