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From "Ture Hoefner" <>
Subject RE: PageflowUtils.addActionError() and non-default message bundle
Date Wed, 09 Nov 2005 17:45:58 GMT
Thanks Rich.  I went with PageFlowUtils.addActionErrorExpression().  I
also used the tip that Eddie gave in another thread for building a JSP
2.0  EL expression for a message key that uses dot notation in the key
like this:


By the way, I had seen the PageFlowUtils.addActionErrorExpression()
method in the javadoc before but did not try it because I didn't
understand that the String expression arg was used as the JSP 2.0 EL
expression for the bundleName in the <netui:error> tag that is
displaying the error message from this method call.  Maybe a link to the
javadoc for the bundleName element of the Jpf.MessageBundle annotation
would help?  And maybe some extra text to explain that the "expression
is used as an EL expression to
databind a named message bundle in JSPs that display the action
error"... or something like that?

Thanks for the would have taken me forever to figure it out
on my own.


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From: Rich Feit [] 
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 9:34 PM
To: Beehive Users
Subject: Re: PageflowUtils.addActionError() and non-default message

Hi Ture,

I think you have two options currently:

    - PageFlowUtils.addActionErrorExpression(request, "someProperty",
"${bundle.someOtherBundle.myMessage}", <args>)
    - use the 'bundleName' attribute on <netui:error>

Would either of these work for you?


p.s. var-args would be nice, huh?  Currently, the NetUI code doesn't use
Java 5 features internally, because there's a layer that lets it run
under 1.4 (with XDoclet-style annotations).  This never really became a
supported feature, and the no-Java5 restriction will end at some point.

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