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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: Maven Plugin
Date Tue, 06 Sep 2005 20:58:29 GMT
Hi Adam,

Really glad to hear you're enjoying it!  :)

We definitely do need a maven plugin -- this sounds great.  
Unfortunately, attachments can't make it onto the list.  Would you open 
a JIRA enhancement issue with your attachment?

Also... excuse my maven ignorance here.  I've been using it recently 
(and liking it), but haven't written my own plugins for it.  In order to 
make this usable by the masses (without people having to edit their to add a custom repository), would this need to get 
out onto


Adam Jenkins wrote:

>Hi Guys,
>I've just finished my first beehive app, it's currently with the client
>for acceptance uses pageflows, controls, xmlbeans,
>webservices and pretty much every netui tag and I have to give massive
>kudos to you all.  I've been commercially programming in java since 1997
>and this is without a doubt the most fun I've ever had.  Revolutionary
>design.  Beehive is going to do phenominal things to j2ee productivity.
>I use maven for my builds and, as I've discussed a couple of times, I've
>been working an a maven plugin for beehive.  To be honest, there wasn't
>anything to it, just had to get my head around beehive first.
>Attached is the maven 1.1 plugin and a suggested directory
>structure/configuration.  It has a 4 goals that you can position
>anywhere you want in the build process using mavens preGoal/postGoal
>tags.  It works with all the other maven plugins, specifically
>The goals are:
>An example of my maven.xml is 
><preGoal name="java:compile">
>	<attainGoal name="beehive:generate-xmlbeans"/>
><postGoal name="java:compile">
>	<attainGoal name="beehive:build-controls"/>
>	<attainGoal name="beehive:build-pageflows"/>
>	<attainGoal name="beehive:build-webservices"/>
>The default directories are:
>src/webapp (see maven war plugin for more info on this)
>and all generated classes default to target/classes
>All these can be changed by editing your with the
>following properties
>So any way, have a quick look over it and let me know if it's of
>interest to you...if it is, I'll write some doco this weekend.
>Thanks again for all the great work guys.

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