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From Daryl Olander <>
Subject Re: multiple content types?
Date Sat, 17 Sep 2005 02:02:34 GMT
Sorry Adam....Google at my first response to this.....

So you are right about the design of the NetUI tags, they are very 
specifically HTML. Early in the design process we talked about a few 
alternatives and decided that the sweet spot for early versions was HTML 
because that is what our users are creating. I think we should extend the 
HTML support to the 'strict' versions of the specification. 

Going forward, I see a couple of approaches that we can take to supporting 
other markup languages such as WML. 

1) Create a specific tag set that maps almost 1 to 1 to WML. This is the 
approach we took with HTML and matches the current philosophy of the tags.

2) Create a higher level representation of UI features, call them 
"components". Then we can render multiple markup languages from these 
components. This is actually the design that JSF has taken for the UI 
components. They abstracted away from a markup language in favor of UI 
components like DataGrids, SelectOne, etc.

3) Take the existing HTML tags, and map them into similar WML markup.

At the moment, I would lean toward #1 because it matches the original 
decisions we made when we created the HTML tags. We did add some higher 
level components like the DataGrid and Tree (and Repeater). Part of the 
reason was so we had experience with the "component" type UI constructs.

I believe that JSF will eventually end up supporting multiple markup 
language by replacing their renderers. Because we support JSF as the view 
technology we may end up getting WML support for free.

#3 is a bit harder for me evaluate because I'm not an WML expert. Certainly 
we could support this without a lot of work because the rendering layer in 
pluggable. The mapping may not be as good as #1 would allow for, and I'm not 
sure I like writing HTML to actually create WML.

I think going forward, this is one of the growing outages for NetUI. We 
should address this in the next release or at least establish a direction.

What are you thoughts on it?


On 9/15/05, Adam Jenkins <> wrote:
> Just something I was wondering about. Beehive seems great for jsp/html
> sites...has anyone given any thoughts to multiple content types? eg
> html and wml or wap enabled devices. Are there structures already in
> place to handle this in beehive? Can anyone offer any ideas/thoughts?
> Cheers
> Adam

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