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From Eddie ONeil <>
Subject Re: datagrid row incrementing my ids?
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 19:09:36 GMT

  Hey; what exactly is the <tr> output on the consecutive table rows? 
I've tried this with something like:

  <netui-data:rows renderRow="false">
    <netui-data:row tagId="foo">
    <netui-data:row tagId="bar">

and end up with something like this rendered HTML:

    <tr id="foo0"> ... </tr>
    <tr id="bar0"> ... </tr>
    <tr id="foo1"> ... </tr>
    <tr id="bar1"> ... </tr>

The addition of an index to the identifier provided in the "tagId"
attribute is done to prevent writing duplicate identifiers into the
HTML, which is illegal.  What are you interested in seeing here? 
Would something like the JSP snippet above solve your problem?


On 7/28/05, Adam Jenkins <> wrote:
> <netui-data:row> keeps incrementing my there any way to stop
> it?
> code:
> <netui-data:rows renderRow="false">
> <netui-data:row tagId="${}_row">
> <netui-data:templateCell cellStyle="width:24%;text-align:center"
> cellAlign="center">...
> output:
> <tr id="2_row1" class="datagrid-odd">
> <td class="datagrid" align="center" style="width:24%;text-align:center">
> The reason i'm using 'row' instead of just 'rows' is because I have to
> render two <tr> elements for every item in my collection...I'm guessing
> this is the correct way to accomplish that...please let me know if there's a better way
> Cheers
> Adam

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