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From "Eddie O'Neil" <>
Subject Re: using controls, path flow and webservices in one project
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2005 15:32:58 GMT

   Take a look at the samples/petstoreWeb/build.xml Ant file which 
builds all of those source artifacts (web services, controls, and page 
flows) using *only* the .java file extensions.

   I tend to encourage breaking your web services up from the rest of 
the Beehive source artifacts since they often end up running in separate 
webapps, though the build should work either way.

   You may need to tweak the source paths depending on how you have your 
webapp structured and what your dependencies are, but it should be a 
good start.

   Hope that helps.


James Black wrote:
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> I am using all aspects of beehive in one webapp, and I realized that I
> don't think I am doing a great job of building the webapp.
> I am using an ant file from the controls-blank, and it doesn't
> specifically deal with webservices.
> Is there an example of a build.xml file that will allow me to use .java
> for my webservices, and for controls and path flow, so I can stop using
> .jpf and .jws for example.
> Or, do I just heavily edit my build.xml file?
> I don't like this idea as it will make it harder to handle new upgrades.
> Thanx for any suggestions.
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> James Black
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