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From Rich Feit <>
Subject Re: PageFlows and FacesMessage
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 20:24:32 GMT
Hi Mike,

Just to make sure I understand... if you add code in onCreate() to add a 
FacesMessage into the FacesContext, then hit the page directly (without 
going through a Page Flow action), do you see the same problem?  If not, 
would you file a bug with a repro case in it?  I can take a look.

Also, to confirm, are you getting the correct value from getPageInput() 
in your onCreate()?


Arnold, Michael wrote:

>I'm having trouble displaying messages in a JSF view when using
>With the typical JSF application, I can put messages into FacesContext
>that will then be displayed using the <h:messages/> tag.  This seems to
>work with PageFlows when I do validation or conversion functions that
>don't raise PageFlow actions.  However, if I do execute a backing bean
>event handler that raises actions, if the action fails and I want to
>redisplay the page, the message I add into FacesContext isn't displayed.
>For example, I have a login form that raises an action in the associated
>PageFlow controller.  If the login is incorrect, the action returns a
>forward indicating failure.  The forward includes an action output that
>is a simple String containing an error message.  In the onCreate()
>method of my backing bean, I call getPageInput(), get the message, and
>set a new FacesMessage into the current instance of the FacesContext.
>Any insight into this is greatly appreciated.
>Mike Arnold

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