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From Carlin Rogers <>
Subject Re: Problem with "request_uri" attribute
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 16:49:16 GMT
Hi Brian,

I'll take a look at this and see if there's an issue with
the page flow servlet filter or something else, then let
you know what I find. Sorry for the slow response.

Kind regards,

DeHamer, Brian wrote:
> Never received a respone to my initial question -- reposting:
> I have a custom tag that, among other things, needs to read the value of
> the "javax.servlet.forward.request_uri" request attribute.  Under plain
> ol' Struts I found that this attribute would always contain the URI of
> the original request from the client, even after multiple forwards (as
> per servlet spec SRV.8.4.2).  
> Now that I'm trying to use my tag in conjunction with Beehive JPF
> (1.0m1) I'm finding that this attribute no longer contains the URI for
> the original request, but instead contains the URI for the forwarded
> request.  I tried to find the most simple use case that reproduces the
> problem so I started with a fresh instance of the netui-blank webapp and
> simply added the following line to the provided index.jsp page:
> <%= request.getAttribute("javax.servlet.forward.request_uri") %>
> When invoking / from my browser I get forwarded to index.jsp and
> I expect that the page output will display "/netui-blank/", but
> instead what I see is "/netui-blank/index.jsp".
> Just as a quick sanity check, I created another JSP called forward.jsp
> that contains only the following:
> <%
>   javax.servlet.RequestDispatcher rd =
> request.getRequestDispatcher("/index.jsp");
>   rd.forward(request, response);
> %>
> When I access forward.jsp directly (no JPF code involved) I still get
> forwarded to index.jsp, but this time I see the output I would expect:
> "/netui-blank/forward.jsp".
> It would appear that this attribute isn't being set properly as a result
> of being processed by the PageFlowActionServlet.  Any ideas?  Thanks.
> Brian DeHamer

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