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From Richard Feit <>
Subject Re: IllegalAccessException in latest nightly build
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 19:52:08 GMT
I *think* this error, as well as the NoSuchMethodError you mentioned on 
another thread, will go away if we can get some out-of-date jars out of 
WEB-INF/lib.  Since Beta, the following jars have been replaced with new 

    - beehive-netui-pageflow.jar
    - beehive-netui-scoping.jar
    - beehive-netui-tags-databinding.jar
    - beehive-netui-tags-html.jar
    - beehive-netui-tags-template.jar
    - beehive-netui-util.jar

The new ones (which you should leave in WEB-INF/lib) are:
    - beehive-netui-core.jar
    - beehive-netui-tags.jar

Hope this helps, and sorry for the churn.


James Black wrote:

> I get this exception:
> IllegalAccessException: Class
> org.apache.beehive.netui.pageflow.PageFlowContextListener can not access
> a member of class
> org.apache.beehive.netui.tags.html.CheckBox$CheckBoxPrefixHandler with
> modifier "private"
> It would appear to be at
> PageFlowContextListener.initPrfixHandlers(
> Also, the following have the same problem, they must be marked as
> private, but, since I don't have the source this time I can't verify it:
> org.apache.beehive.netui.tags.html.CheckBoxGroup$CheckboxGroupPrefixHandler
> org.apache.beehive.netui.tags.html.RadioButtonGroup$RadioButtonGroupPrefixHandler
> org.apache.beehive.netui.tags.html.Select$SelectPrefixHandler
> If you want me to file a bug report just let me know.

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