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From Richard Feit <>
Subject Re: new problem, can't find Controller.jpf
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 17:39:19 GMT
About the compiler picking up page flows... it finds any .java or .jpf 
under the "srcdir" that is passed to the <build-pageflows> macro, as 
long as the class is annotated with @Jpf.Controller. 

James, is that information helpful?  We definitely need to fix the 
tutorial if it has incorrect steps in it -- if you do find that there's 
anything wrong/missing, would you file a bug in JIRA?!default.jspa

Aside from bugs, though, keep the questions coming.  :)


Eddie O'Neil wrote:

>  James--
>  A few comments...
>  - Beehive doesn't make a web.xml file, but we do require a Servlet 2.4 
web.xml and a bunch of entries to setup the servlet, JSP filter, etc. 
Your webapp's web.xml should look something like:
>  - With the NetUI runtime registered in web.xml, if you hit 
http://servername:8080/lmsstats/Controller.jpf, the NetUI Page Flow 
servlet will run and "do the right thing" by running the JPF's "begin" 
action. If you're seeing source, try registering the NetUI runtime in 
web.xml as in the link above.
>  - As far as the location of the JPFs, they're often put in one of two 
places -- either in WEB-INF/src or in the root of the webapp. The 
compiler may pick them up if they're in other places (Rich?), but I'd 
suggest putting them in one of these two.
>  Hope that helps.
>  Eddie
>  James Black wrote:

> I don't know if this is a problem with my web.xml file, but, when I
> install the war file, I have the various jsp files in the webapp root
> directory, but if I put Controller.jpf there then, when I go to
> servername:8080/lmsstats/Controller.jpf then I can see the source code.
> If I go to index.jsp then I get an error that the NetUI runtime was not
> properly configured.
> If I put Controller.jpf in WEB-INF/login and compile everything again,
> then I can't find the controller.
> I need to access that before index.jsp will work, I am assuming.
> I am trying to follow the tutorial, but some of what it says seems to be
> incorrect.
> beehive isn't making a web.xml file, but I see the
> netui-validator-rules.xml and validator-rules.xml files in WEB-INF.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
> If need be I can send my war file, as there isn't anything sensitive in
> there.
> >

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